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Kilt Hanger


This large metal clip hanger is an excellent option for hanging larger trousers, jeans or skirts. However, you can also use it to hang smaller items if required, as the clips are easily adjustable. In addition to clothing, it can also be used to store other fabrics, such as sheets, towels, cloths and rugs.

The clips are strong and will not let you down. They also open with ease, and the rubber non-slip coating provides extra grip in addition to protecting garments from damage and marking.

The narrow profile makes them extremely space-efficient, taking up minimal rail space.

An attractive option that will complement any wardrobe or shop display. Metal clip hangers are also highly effective and great value. They are a long term favourite for both business and domestic customers.

Large Metal Clip Hanger for Kilts, 40cm, Chrome

  • Specialist Hanger – This 40cm clothes hanger is specially designed to hold Kilts.
  • Adjustable Clips – You can move the clips along the bar. So, this makes the hanger suitable for many sizes of children’s and adult clothing.
  • Rubber-Dipped Clips – The strong metal clips have rubber coated ends. These are non-slip and so protect your garments from damage.
  • High Quality – Coated in anti-rust chrome plating, this metal trouser clip hanger is tough and durable.  Also, it features a 360-degree swivel hook.

Key Attraction:

  • Size – Extra-large. Perfect for the widest trousers or skirts.



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